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20 & 21 November 2018

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Mahdishahr city

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About the congress

International Congress of Equine Health And Horse Industry in 21 areas includes industry and health with the presence of prominent professors and veteran veteran faces throughout the country, the Caspian Horse Support Association, Equestrian Research Center, and the Science and Technology Park of Mahdishahr Branch on November 29th and 30th, 1397. will be held. The city of ethics, the culture of the village, which is renowned for its hosting and the famous name of its people, is nobleness, dignity and generosity. We are waiting for the green and happy Mukarak of all researchers and researchers. We are veterinary and animal husbandry experts in the horse industry.

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Languages of the conference: English will be the main languages of the conference. Yet the organizers are willing to consider proposals in other languages in exceptional circumstances.
  • ‏Equine infectious diseases & Quarantine
  • ‏Metabolic disorders & nutritional deficiency in equine poisening
  • ‏Equine reproduction disease
  • ‏Equine internal diseases, Colitis
  • ‏Equine Lameness & movement limb, surgery
  • ‏Pathobiology & Fundamental science related to horses
  • ‏Equine Hygiene & Farming
  • ‏Equine nutrition
  • ‏Breeding in horses
  • ‏Dopping in horses
  • ‏Horse , prosperity & Comfort
  • ‏Horse & riding in Islam
  • ‏Horse & riding in Persian Art , poetry & Literacy
  • ‏Iranian native horses , it’s cultural & social dimensions
  • ‏Generalize horse riding
  • ‏Horse riding & ethic
  • ‏Import & export of horse & related equipment
  • ‏Horse & tourism
  • ‏Horse riding & related industries & occupation
  • ‏Importance of horse & rider training in equine industry
  • Familiarity with equine breeding and husbandry equipments

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Secretariat address:

Semnan Province – Mehdi Shahr City – Shohada Square – Science and Technology Park of Mehdi Shahr Unit

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mr heydarie


mr nasiri

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Event Place

Semnan Province – Mahdishahr City – Nistan Cultural Center





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